Chroma Key Liquid Stripping

Chroma Key Liquid Stripping

We really love stripping at PORN.COM and we’re absolutely delighted when we get to see naughty bits on display in new and exciting ways! This love for nudity and innovation brings us to a video entitled Paint Stripper that features a special chroma key liquid. Now let’s see the good stuff!

Paint Stripper from Tim Fitzgerald on Vimeo.

Watch as naked bits are revealed by the magic of special effects! This has got to be the first time a bucket of green goop has ever been sexy. So what’s the secret of the ooze? This a creative use of chroma key is like having a green screen in liquid form. Once the green liquid hits any surface, the resulting green can be used to display an overlay. This chroma key “liquid stripping” has been a hit around the PORN.COM offices this week. Check it out for yourself!

Do you have any naughty ideas using green screens, chroma key or other special effects? Share your wild ideas with us in the comments below or let us know on Twitter @Worldsbestporn

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