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Cindi Loftus as InterviewEE

CL-I’ve only actually done one interview that was published, the one below that I did with Wendy Williams. I started a couple other e-mail interviews with people, but never finished them. I just didn’t want to tell that much about myself and still can’t understand why anyone cares….

Wendy writes- I remember one day browsing through The Floating World when I came across Luke is Back.  For months I would read it and giggle at the posts and or catch up on the Adult Industry gossip.  I finally decided to email the website and see about getting some press and well I got an email back from “writercindi” and the rest is history!  Cindi has been great to chat with and sometimes get some inside advice.  I did some research and there wasn’t much about her and from her reply she really doesn’t like to do Interviews because she doesn’t think people would be interested and she likes to be the person doing the writing!  After an email with some questions she finally decided to go ahead and give me her first Exclusive Interview!


1.)  Tell me about the personal “Cindi”

I am a madly in love with my artist husband. I am a cool mom, a loyal friend, a homebody, whose favorite thing is to cuddle on the couch with my husband and my dog, Lexi. I am  open-minded, an equal rights fighter, an anxiety ridden, type A personality who is a  freedom of speech advocate, amateur paleontologist, and avid kayaker. I have a soft heart and believe strongly that you should pay it forward.
2.) How did you get involved in the Adult Industry?
I wrote part time all my life, mainstream articles for newspapers mostly. I had a big time corporate job. I was on the board. I hated it! At the same time I was writing part time for Xcitement Magazine and they offered me a full time job at half the salary I was receiving. I took it and never looked back.
3.)  Who is your favorite female performer and why?

I couldn’t name one favorite. There are so many reasons that I am impressed with adult stars. I would have to break it down into individual categories and this could take days. I told you I was anal! So let me just say, here are a couple examples of the best female stars-
She is hot, fun, can act and is sexy as hell. The porn star I would most like to get drunk with is- Carmen Hart!
She is beautiful, talented, creative and an amazing actress, director, & writer.   The porn star I would most like to hang out with is – jessica drake.

4.) Same goes for your male performer!
Okay, for this one, I will just go for sex appeal and charisma and answer Lexington Steele.
5.)  What is the biggest difference you have seen in the Industry since you started?
Ten years ago, there was a lot more money being made by EVERYONE in the adult industry.
6.)  How and Why do you think “blogs” have played out within our adult community?
Blogs are important to get out the insider information and gossip that wouldn’t be published on the news sites ( AVN, Xbiz), and to allow people to share their opinions.
7.)  How did you get involved with Avn?
I’ve been friendly with the staff and Paul Fishbein for years. Paul has a good heart, and those are the kind of people I am attracted to as friends. I also wrote reviews for them for about ten minutes.

8.)  Do you watch porn in your personal life and if so what kind?
Rarely do I watch porn when it isn’t something that has to do with work. But I would pick features, comedies for fun, and anime, BDSM (watching not doing, lol) for a turn on.
9.)  If you could sit in on set of a feature dvd, which company and what type of scene?
I don’t just want to sit in! I want a lead role in one of Jeff Mullens Porn parodies!

10.)  Im going to name someone and tell me the first thing that pops in your mind:
Belladonna: CALL me!  You are so hot! Belladonna is the only top star of the last ten years that I have not interviewed.
Tera Patrick: Funny, smart, drop dead gorgeous, with an amazingly talented and supportive husband, Evan.
Jules Jordan: Jenna Haze’s boyfriend, who is a award winning director.
Christian XXX:  I tried to be his friend, he wasn’t interested. Conflicted, needy, controversial, one-sided, delusional.
Phoenix Marie: Christian XXX’s girlfriend, who he portrays as not too bright.
Mark Kernes:  brilliant mind, fabulous writer. I am a big fan, and I don’t say that often.
Joey Silveria:  tranny lover, service animal, lol.
Lexington Steele: big, black, beautiful, sexy, polite, protective, warm, intriguing.
Brian Pumper: don‘t know him
Wankus: warm hearted, great friend, lovable, funny, smart, marketer, talented, wouldn’t kick him out of my bed….
Teri Weigel: fun, fan favorite, long timer, maintains.
11)  Tell us about!
LIB is the top adult gossip and news site in the US, with a colorful cast of characters and controversial commenters.
12) Finally if you could ask the next person I Interview who is a female, what question would it be?
What do you think about when you masturbate???


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