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Cindy Crawford Interview

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I talk to Cindy June 14.

Cindy: “I’ve been doing really nasty stuff lately. Gangbangs. Double anal. Double vag.”

“I love sex and I like to try things new.”

“I hate when people talk bad about other people. They don’t understand what is going on in their personal life. Nobody has the right to judge.”

Luke: “You used to be wild. What happened?”

Cindy: “With the partying? I grew up. It’s not fun to go to work and not remember what you do. I’ve been sober for three years now.”

“I struggled with it for a while. I had a friend move in with me. She helped me. I went to AA for a little while but I found in those meetings there was nobody I could relate to. I found different meetings through”

Luke: “What makes you happy?”

Cindy: “I’m dating Steve Austin. He makes me happy. He’s always worried that I just want him for sex. I just want him to touch me constantly. He’s like the woman in the relationship. He says, ‘It can’t just be about sex.’”

They’ve been together for a year.

“A lot of people outside the industry can’t handle what we do for a living. There’s jealousy. I love knowing that he’s working with other people. It’s a turn on to me.”

Luke: “What are your goals?”

Cindy: “I’m going to get more and more hardcore. As long as there are fans out there who want to see me…”

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