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Claudia-Marie Exclusive Interview

By Scooter McBooter
There are few performers in the adult world that put as much into their performances as Claudia-Marie.
The incredibly buxom blond – the owner of magnificant 50J breasts – is certainly a giver when the camera rolls. Claudia-Marie, who turns 39 in August, rocks everyone’s world with her fun-loving nature, charming antics, and outrageous sex appeal. She freely admits playing up the ‘ditzy blond’ persona and gets deep into every scene which run the gamult from interracial, girl-girl, threesomes, anal, and much more.
She’s also a terrific singer with her band, and uses her ample assets to attract an ever-growing audience.
A frequent nominee of AVN and XBiz Awards, Claudia-Marie too some time out of her busy schedule and jumped on the phone from her home in Las Vegas.

SM: How close is your on-screen character to you in real life?
CM: It’s pretty close to who I am. Claudia Marie is my real name. I was 33 years old when I started and I was told to look for a performer name, but I just wasn’t a Sugar or a Candy. I was getting started later in life and I wasn’t about to try and find a name so I just made sure no one else was using it. I’m just being who I am, sometimes a little exaggerated but when you see me on camera that’s really who I am. I do have a guillable personality and I do have a self-depreciating sense of humor.
SM: You live and shoot primarily in Las Vegas. Is that better for you rather than being in Los Angeles?
CM: It’s really what works best for me. I could shoot more with guys in LA but something about doesn’t feel right for me. I shoot with a lot of amateur talent and they’re so excited to be with me. That’s the fantasy that people have been watching since Day 1 with me and they like it. And the guys I’m with are putting everything they can into it.
SM: Why do you like using amateurs rather than the professional male talent?
CM: The guys in LA, the pros, they’re doing it for a living. Using the same people all the time it’s like you’re watching the same movie all the time. It’s their job and they get excited but it’s nothing like the ‘Oh my God’ I get with my guys. It comes across so much better. They’re just everyday Joes. They’re guys who think they’d never get a chance to be with me but they can.
SM: And your guys are not just amateurs, but truly your fans, correct?
CM: They are! If you’re member of my site, you can shoot a movie with me. It’s not a draw or a contest. If you’re a member you can do a movie. I use guys of every nationality, age, weight. You provide recent (blood) tests, we do the paperwork so it’s all legal, we get a room and go.
SM: What’s a scene like with you?
CM: There’s no script and I really strive to have few limitations. We try to get as many positions as possible and if there’s certain things the guy likes I try to cater to that. Obviously I get mostly boobs-and-ass guys, and then it’s just me and Robbie do the shooting. It’s really laid back. It’s not like there’s a set where you’re there for six or seven hours and you actually film for 30 minutes. We’re relaxed. It’s a very chill set-up and very comfortable. A few times the guy gets a little scared and can’t perform right away, but usually we get great scenes.
SM: And you’ve probably had some crazy sex off-camera as well?
CM: My best little story came a few years ago back in South Carolina. I’m a big Clemson fan and I was singing at a bar called The Pond in Anderson, South Carolina. It was the night before a game and the quarterback for the football team came in and we got to drinking and having fun. Well we ended up going back to my room and fucking all night. He didn’t leave till early in the morning hung over and well fucked but he went out and won the game that day. I’ll do whatever I need to for my team!
SM: How often do you perform with your band?
CM: Once or twice a month at a place called Whisky Dick’s by the Air Force base. It’s a chance to relax and get away from the porn business. It’s mostly classic rock.
SM: Does being a recognizable porn star help draw in a crowd to hear you sing?
CM: I use my name and it does help draw more people. And of course carrying these things (tits) around, you can’t get away from drawing attention. I love the attention and I’ve used my name to open some doors.
SM: Is it hard just to get away from people noticing you?
CM: Carrying these around? Even when I’m wearing no makeup and a ballcap I still get people coming up to me. If I’m down on Fremont Street or in a restaurant, someone always comes over. They know my name and tell me I’m their favorite star. There’s a lot of boobs out there but not many people have seen ones like mine in real life. Sometimes it might be nice to go to the grocery store and not get any attention but generally speaking I’m a walking billboard!
SM: What is your driving force for staying in the business?
CM: I like sex. I love the variety with people of all different life experiences. A lot of people never get this kind of opportunity or they’re too nervous to try it because they’ve grown up being restrained or repressed about sex. I got this opportunity and it’s been really good … and it don’t hurt that I get paid to do it! It’s something I’m gonnna do for the rest of my life and I’ve got a real passion for it.
SM: You’ve done so many different things in your sex life, but is there something you haven’t done yet?
CM: I haven’t done a bukkake and I want to do it. It would need to be a good scene but people can be really flaky. A lot of people say they’re going to show up and don’t. But whether it’s on the website or just private I want to do it.
SM: What’s something that you’ve really enjoyed doing on film?
CM: I do enjoy interracial.
SM: Anything you don’t want to do?
CM: I never want to do anything around potty games or anything in BDSM. I don’t mind a slap and a tickle or a finger in my ass or having my hair pulled a bit, but nothing more extreme than that.
SM: Having very prominent tits, do you like a lot of attention on them when you’re having sex?
CM: I like lots of foreplay and I love giving a titjob. Guys love to slap and suck them and I enjoy that. But I tell them ‘Hey, there’s no clit between!’ You can give my tits all the attention you want but that’s not going to get me off although I’ve been closing to having an orgasm from sucking my nipples.
SM: All right then so what does get you wet and cumming?
CM: I love a tongue in my ass and I enjoy anal too. Of course there’s always good vaginal sex, but when anal sex is done properly, I can have an orgasm that leaves me crying out. Some guys though are not too sure how to do it properly. They’re too rough or go too fast, but when it’s properly done it’s very enjoyable.
SM: Who are some of your favorite ladies in the business?
CM: Persia Monir and I are like kindred spirits. She’s a little more out there than me but we’ve gotten into all kinds of trouble together. She’s a little firecracker. Kayla Kleevage is my best friend. We shot many times together and we go out together. I can be a bad girl when I’m by myself but when we’re together, oh my god! Rebecca Lane is a good friend of mine, and so is Julia Sands. Allura Jensen, she scares me a little bit. She sounds so sweet but then she’ll go all dominatrixy on me. I’ve found they most genuine and best people aren’t in the porn bubble around Hollywood.
SM: How can your fans get in touch and see more of you?
CM: I’m on Facebook – make sure you go to ‘therealclaudiamarie.’ I’m on Twitter @claudia_marie and you can check out my website And my band’s website is

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