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Cleopatra Nile Interview

Video from April 10, 2007: Cleopatra Nile Interview

She grew up in Perth, Australia. As a teen she wanted to become a lawyer. She claims two degrees (Economics and Business from Murdoch University, 30 minutes south of Perth) with minors in Law, Psychology and Philosophy. “I took eight years of college and then I came to America and now I take my clothes off and make money.”

Cleo says it took her family six years to figure out she was doing porn (she started in porn in 2001 with ‘Dude, where’s my dildo?’). “They didn’t like it. My mom, who’s like Inspector Clouseau mixed with Hitler, dug around and did all her questioning… I told them and hell break loose. They took a credit card and slipped into my office and dug through things and found stuff. Then she asked me a bunch of questions that she knew the answer to… My father wouldn’t talk to me for a year. My brother didn’t give a damn.”

“It took me three years to get used to doing anything with my top off.”

She does girl-girl, solo, fetish and bondage.

Luke: “Why don’t you do guys?”

Cleo: “How much time do you have? It’s not only a political question but also an ethical, cultural and religious problem. My family told me that they’d disown me if I did.”

Luke: “What if you did an abo?”

Cleo: “That would never happen.”

Luke: “How about a six abo gangbang?”

Cleo: “It would never happen. I don’t even talk to six aboriginees in an afternoon.”

Luke: “What about a Maori?”

Cleo: “I’ve done a Maori in my private life.”

Luke: “What about an Indian?”

Cleo: “I’ve done Indians. I grew up with Indian people. We don’t mesh for the dating scene but I have many close friends who are Indian and eat curry.”

Luke: “What about a Paki?”

Cleo: “I’ve done a Paki. It was OK. It wouldn’t be one of my choice preferences.”

Luke: “Have you been with an American black man?”

Cleo: “I was married to two of them. I lost my virginity to one.”

“I’m African. Both my parents are from Egypt.”

“I’ve dated some black guys who, if you didn’t know what they looked like, you wouldn’t know they were black when they spoke.”

“I hate the traffic [in America] and people who aren’t willing to learn English…”

Cleo had sex in Australia with an illegal Mexican immigrant.

Luke: “Are you Muslim?”

Cleo: “No, I’m Christian.”

Chaim Amalek writes: “Why is it still acceptable, even among the smart set, to anathematize the native people of Australia as though they were not even human? Maybe my own “look” renders me especially sensivitive to these sorts of summary dismissals of other human beings as potential suitors, but even so, a more sensitive person would have couched their personal racist preferences in kinder terms. Sounds like every nation his its own Imus problem.”

Rob emails: “Get Rob Spallone on this ASAP! The final taboo: Aboriginal porn. Possible titles include: “Throttle My Didgeridoo”, “Bare Back in the Outback”, “G’Day Biatch!!”, and “Crikey-Bukkake”.”

Jean writes: “The use of the word¬† Pak ¬†with “i” at the end in the Uk will get you arrested. There are reports of school children using such terms/words to class mates being arrested and locked up for hours. Its of course used but really no one is going to do it publically, its¬†a real no no. Just in case you visit the UK again luke. And¬† that girl looks rather “Abo” herself rather than Egyption.”

Gen Padova posts on XPT:

I’ve known of Cleopatra back from when B.L.O.W. (beautiful ladies of wrestling) website was popular in 2001 ’til I think it was 2003 when it ended. She has done more internet stuff I believe than actual movies.

Although I could be wrong; I think she did a bit for Filmco but their movies don’t seem to be so publicized as most porn companies are that we’re all familiar with. And her paysite is one of her main gigs.

She’s not your typical porn girl, very smart, very nice, respectful and not a gossip whore whatsoever. She does her work without complaints and goes about her ‘normal’ life without the porn world getting mixed in.

And she has a decent name for not having to do 100 anal scenes in one year like most girls have to do just to get several months of any lick of recognition and feedback from flaming fanboys.

Majority of porn viewers will always be more familiar with a Hillary Scott or Bree Olson because they’re more in the limelight of porn.

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