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Clips 4 Sale- Shaving your Sales?

NL-I’d like to hear from people who have a store at Clips 4 Sale, Have your sales gone way down as the person below states? I’d like to hear from Neil at Clips 4 Sale to let me know his point of view on the below email. I’d also like to hear from other current or previous workers at C4S. Drop me an email [email protected]. This must be considered an opinion only at this point.

Op/Ed by a former employee at Clips 4 Sale-

“I used to be the lead programmer for C4S on the video side just before the company changed, they were paying me to install a “skip pay” function on all the stores meaning that there would be sales but it wouldn’t show up in the owners store if the number in the php file was set from a 0 to say a 9 (9) meaning that there would be 9 sales and it would show up as 1 in your account. The number changes depending on how many clips you sell within 30 days.
Here is how it worked:
If you just signed up as a new store your “skip sale” number was set at 0 which means for every sale that came in, it would record to your account.
If your store was selling 10 or more videos per day, your “skip sale” number was set at 1 which means for every 2 sales 1 sale would show up in your account and so on.
This number was based on the number of clips you sold within a month.
This is why people are no longer seeing sales in their stores. Stores that were 3 years old that were making 10k a day in sales are now making a fraction of that.
Ever since Neil brought in other people to take over his company, his programmers and his site has gone down the drain. I told him that and he didn’t wanna listen. He also didn’t pay me in full for all my work.
Here is what this guy does.. He brings in programmers to write small code, then fires them and bring in other programmers to put the code together for him.
This company sucks, and because of the saturation in stores, I wouldn’t bother selling on this site.
His list also is programmed to drop his fav or friends off the top list either. It’s all rigged and fixed.
       I’ve often wondered how a clip store owner could actually know they weren’t being cheated by clips4sale not reporting sales. I think a producer should test this and buy 10-20 of one of his own clips in 1 day and see if they all show up as sales for that day.”

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