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Clips 4 Sale Wants A Written Apology…

Ms Cindi Loftus,

Our request for a written apology from the individual who made accusations that were first distributed through your website has expired the length of time in which was clearly
stipulated in the response that Neil submitted ( . This has resulted in the Clips4Sale legal team being involved in this matter who has since reviewed all the details.
We have all the necessary evidence (name, email, IP, physical address) of who is responsible for these accusations and would like to inform you that they have never been a programmer for They had studios with which were closed due to numerous reasons including piracy of content so it is obvious that this individual submitted these accusations in retaliation.
We are offering this individual whom we have tracked down, one last opportunity to respond and admit that his accusations were fraudulent within a 48hr period or be faced with a lawsuit for slander & defamation of character against Clips4Sale.

Being that you took it upon yourself to distribute such fraudulent information on a public website as well as neglected to communicate with Neil on multiple occasions we have been informed by our legal team to request a written apology from you as your distribution of fraudulent information without first consulting has made you an accomplice to defamation of character.
Your written apology must contain the following statements

• That you never contacted directly for a response to the accusations before announcing it to the public
• That your source for the information distributed was not only unreliable but dishonest but you distributed the information for personal gratification and gain knowing that the topic would draw attention and potentially increase your websites traffic.
• That your website is not a news resource but purely a gossip column that holds no truth to most of its publications and how a real resource would have followed up with the accusing company to get a comment like Xbiz or AVN would have.
• That you are sincerely sorry for attempting to tarnish the company name & reputation as well as causing havoc for our studios, creating such a mess that it has consumed the time of numerous employees comforting the studios with concerns due to these accusations. The time spent calming studios about these accusations has cost money and man power which would have been better spent actually assisting studios with technical issues instead of dealing with the hysteria in which you have caused by wrongfully distributing the story you were submitted without any evidence.

This written apology is to be submitted to Neil directly via email at [email protected] and you are to copy [email protected] . It is also to be submitted on the initial blog post ( ) as well as placed back on the front page of for all to see.

We are also requesting information in which you have for this individual such as but not limited to the following so that it can be used as verification with our recorded findings:

• Name provided to your site upon registration, be it fraudulent or a handle/nick name
• The email address in which they have registered themselves with to your website
• The IP address in which their submissions are traced back to

Failure to provide the above information will result in a subpoena being issued to you.

You will also be required to sign a document drafted by our legal team to agree to the terms that no further defamation against will be distributed for a term of 20 years or you will be faced with the consequences which will be outlined in the document which will be submitted to you after the public apology.

If you do follow through with the requested apology statement(s) then there will be no further repercussions but you have 48hrs from the time in which this email is submitted to you to respond verifying that this has been received. At which time you will be given a further 7 days to submit your apology.
This email has a “request read receipt” attached to it so that we are notified once it has been opened & will know the exact time in which to start the clock on your response.

It is advised for you to cooperate with this request as your negligence will not be tolerated.


NL- I would like to do as you have asked to the best of my ability, but I will need the name & contact information of your lawyer to respond to your requests. Once I hear from a verifiable attorney, I will answer you. If you don’t want to go through your “legal” department, just have Neil email me and we can handle this like adults without going thru third parties.

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