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Club patron tells what happened to Injured Dancer, Roberta Busby

NL-I talked to Sophia Mounds who knows Mia (aka Roberta Busby), the dancer that was set on fire. They worked together. Sophia tells me that one of her friends was at the club when the incident occurred. Here is what Sophia told me about it-

My friend was at the club and he saw Mia counting her money at the end of the night. He says the suspect Nathanel called Mia outside. Then he said a fire ball ran inside the club. Someone tried to put her out but their arm caught on fire.

So because my friend Larry was trained in the millitary, he wanted to pull one of the curtains down that hangs over the entrance, to put out the fire. But by the time they did that, the fire had gone out.

My friend bent down and asked Mia if she was having a hard time breathing. She said Yes! Then the ambulance came and got her.

He told me that when some one is on fire they breath in the flames and their lungs get burned, so no air can enter the blood stream. Thats also the reason why she wasn’t screaming. He told me that she was burned from head to toe, over 60% of her body and that the flames had burned off her face and eyelids and that some of her flesh was falling off. He said that he had to take a Prozac after seeing that.

He said that he hoped to see the suspects get what they deserved and they have put Mia’s condition at grim. Two of L.A.P.D’s finest detectives are on the case.  

No one deserves what happened to her. If she dies I hope they get the death penalty. If she doesn’t, I hope they get life, for disfiguring her and giving her a life time of pain.

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