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CNN Hypocrites on Health Care?

CNN Hypocrates Hypocrites on Health Care?  (NL- you guys are no fun..hypocrate – 1 definition – One of many human personalities, regardless of what politicians or activists say about each other. ALSO regarding Hippocratic Oath)


FBLA Exclusive: Why Didn’t CNN Cover a Protest of CNN?
By Tina Dupuy on Nov 10, 2009 09:11 AM
(Good story Tina!)


Last Thursday there were protests outside the CNN buildings in three cities for the public option aspect of health care reform. The protests organized by Democracy for America and The Young Turks were asking CNN to paint a more accurate picture of what polls say the American people want.

Anyway, CNN was protested in three cities and they mentioned nothing about it.

A spokesperson for CNN told FBLA, “CNN did send a crew; however, there was major breaking news at Ft Hood that dominated our coverage that day.”

We asked The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur what he thought of their explanation. He responded, “The NY and Atlanta protests were before the Ft. Hood shooting and they didn’t even send a camera down to cover those. We were trying to encourage the most “trusted name in news” to report what the great majority of Americans and their own CNN polls indicate — the American people definitively want the public option. I hope they didn’t neglect this important issue because their feelings were hurt that we asked them to cover this issue a little more clearly.”

And they have mentioned the protest or “press conference” in Washington against the public option/government/Obama/accurate Nazi metaphors.

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