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Cocaine: Nina Elle Responds To Society 15 Employee’s Threats

Some people are just bad breaker uppers. No matter how civil one side is, the other feels like they have to look like the victor.

Take the Society 15 implosion.

Over the last few months, I’ve taken it upon myself to enlighten the 3 people who read TRPWL  just how fucked up Nina and her band of lowlifes are.

The reason why is simple, they began a behind the scenes attack on my buddy Bosco.

Please TRPWL, tell us what happened. Glad you asked.

There was a Society 15 shoot booked in Vegas,  the evening before the shoot, the talent arrived at the airport about to go in, only to get a text telling her she had been dropped. Doing what probably any other talent would do, she turned around and went home, upset over the loss of income I’m sure. Why would someone drop a talent on their way to a shoot?

Well that doesn’t sound like a big deal TRPWL?  It is when there was talk of her paying a kill fee for not showing. Bosco, repping the girl, wasn’t real happy with Nina and voiced his displeasure about timing and not being an appropriate way to do things.

Nina, probably high as a fucking kite and wondering where she left her kid, said some disrespectful things to Bosco. Keep in mind, Bosco had been writing Nina’s PRs for years, helping her get noms and her brand.

All the bickering lead Bosco to send this email to Nina, after continuing to do his job for two more weeks after the above incident.

Instead of just moving on, Nina began a camping of slander and libel directed towards Bosco. It wasn’t until that point, that I stepped in

I took Nina months to get a license, looking at the hierarchy of S15, I can now see why.

Upset by MY repeated posts about their shady businesses practices, they upped their game by having a employee of Society 15 reach out to Bosco, as if he some how controls me.  When the Society 15 employee realized he was blocked by Bosco, he forwarded his text message to a mutual friend, asking him to warn Bosco:

The message is pretty clear, they not only want to beat up Bosco, but one of the girls he refered to S15 as well.

Now, I was sitting on that threat post from yesterday for at least a month, thinking maybe Nina was shut the fuck up about my friend. But, when you’re a drug addict, you loose clarity.

Now get this, after the threat post went up, Dane from Society 15 reached out to Bosco, Dane is a little bitch, I’ll get more into that later, I told Bosco  to call him back, when he said his lawyer advised him not to communicate directly with anyone from S15, I asked for the number and called myself. When Dane answered, he made a bitch moved and put me on the phone with guy who I’m guessing calls the shots, he apologized about the whole ordeal, chalked it up to a misunderstanding and said lets move on…

I’m like cool, we can do that, I called Bosco, told him I’m gonna back off for awhile and let them get there shit together.

Not more than an hour later,  studio gangsta Scott Cadieux starts spamming my site with comments:

That’s the worst photoshop job I have ever seen someone try to do with text snap shots. Those are clearly different conversations. Notice the one in blue at the bottom crossed out? That is the real reply and the top one has a black background from a different conversation on a different phone lol. This website is designed to inform people of real information. Not fake information from a person who sounds like they are bitter from getting fired or something

The only photoshop is me redacting some personal info, you stupid bitch

Whatever makes the story believable buddy. Sounds like you got fired or something and are butt sore.

I’ve never worked for Nina, nor would I. Drugs are bad, MMMMMKayyyy.

My personal favorite was this one:

Your info saying that society 15 is a “gangster” is very misleading and you sound like a jackass. Why don’t you show more proof besides your photoshopped images. If anything was happening like that the state would pull there license. So stop making up shit to get hits. still gets over 10,000 hits a day and has a very good rating with all of its customers and talent.

10,000 hits a day?  Society 15 is the only site i know that gets 300,000 hits a month and HAS NO Alexa ranking “No Data”   lol

This is a perfect example of a bunch of fucking idiots not working together, the guy in charge squashed it, and the idiot wearing his mom’s sweater started it back up again.

This is not a Cabbage Patch Doll

When I woke up this morning, I see this tweet:

She claims she wouldn’t let Bosco “creep” on her girls…LOL More than half the Society 15 girls were there BECAUSE of Bosco. One of the reasons Nina is so mad is because when Bosco left he took 20+ performers with him. LOL.

It’s odd she would say that, when he very obviously terminated their business relationship by email, which is posted above.

Once again, that tweet shows that one had doesn’t know what he other is doing. This was over on my end, but now, like Major Benson Winifred Payne once said, “This parties just getting started.”

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