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Coco Brown in Space

Coco Brown in Space!

We have all laughed when Zack and Miri made a Star Wars porn parody but now things are getting real and for the first time a porn star (or…former porn star) is going into actual space. Coco Brown started in the adult industry before leaving to become a DJ and now she’s heading into outer space.

She’ll only be leaving beloved planet Earth for an hour but the preparation for such a journey will require a year of training. This isn’t just your average trip into the great unknown and she’s doing more than many who get a glimpse of the stars. Her training will take place with XCOR aerospace an American private rocket engine and spaceflight development company. Before leaving she has to work with them to get her pilots license and as well as this master the art of zero gravity.

Below you can see some of her early Zero-G training in a video shared on her YouTube channel.

We’re used to porn stars taking a “shot” int he face, not being shot into space! The whole ordeal will cost about $130,000 in total by the time she is done all her training. “This is much different from how Virgin takes people to space,” said Brown. “Virgin has passengers that buy a ticket for a flight, six people at a time. I’m a copilot who’s gone through training to fix things when they go wrong.”

Of course the question Coco Brown would get is what she thinks it would be like to be film a porno in space and she has weighed in on that of course, she goes on to say,“When you’re weightless, it’s very hard to control a lot of things. You don’t know how the money shot would behave. Then when gravity’s back, everything falls, and you gotta find where that money shot went.”

Talk about the right stuff!

Good thing Coco is pondering such things as we expect NASA has not conducted previous research on zero-G cum! Messy or sticky situations are nothing new when it comes to space travel as Coco learned from her training so far,  “That’s the main thing they taught us—don’t throw up in your spacesuit.”

Can you just imagine the flying cum and zero gravity silicone breast implants flying everywhere and let’s not even get started on the trouble male porn stars would have to go through to get their dick in any hole. Then maybe again if it was possible watching naked women bounce around in space may just be enough.

I think we owe it to society and all of human kind to run more tests and get more porn stars into space! Who’s with me?

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“One Small Step for Porn, one giant leap for Pornkind!”


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