Coffee Meets Bagel Review (2020)

Coffee Meets Bagel

If you are a fan of both coffee and bagel and looking out for someone special to enjoy it with, then Coffee Meets Bagel is the answer for you.

In our generation, where nobody is ready to give commitments, CMB aims at helping you find your long-term relationship.


  • Young professionals and sophisticated adults are usually the sort of crowd this app aims at.

  • The app has a valued 4-star rating on Google Play while iTunes Store reviewed it as a 4.4 out of 5.


  • It is not as popular as Tinder and the number of matches per day is limited too.

  • The site is not for you if you’re looking for quick hookups.

After checking out the review, you are probably downloading the app by now to find a coffee date.

 All the information given is from the viewpoint to provide you with complete information about the dating site.

Any good breakfast is all about grinding beans for the best coffee and buttering bagels to go along with it. Coffee Meets Bagel has imbibed this concept in their dating app, where you have to grind beans, butter your bagel, and breakfast is all set!

Except, in this case, breakfast is the partner you find through CMB, or if we continue with the app’s wordplay, then you could just as quickly be having many more coffee and bagel breakfasts with your partner.

With hundreds of websites claiming to help you find your ideal match, it has indeed become difficult to pick that one site or mobile app that would be most effective. Finding a perfect partner, someone to share your life with is never an easy task.

With Coffee Meets Bagel, it’s now accessible and achievable! No one likes to sit, waiting around for a date to show up. All you have to do is sign up for Coffee Meets Bagel, and start finding your bagel today.

Every afternoon can now be filled with an opportunity to find a bagel, i.e. single that you like, and to chat them up, spend some quality time and then ask them out on a date.

CMB has a free option for you to get started, and eventually, if you feel the need to speed up the process and get more details than what you see in the free version, then their premium subscription is waiting to offer you just that.

If you are looking to find that special someone sooner rather than later, Coffee Meets Bagel is the perfect choice for you. In the dating world, the more singles you meet, the higher are the chances of you finding love, and faster!

However, apps like CMB define their algorithms and parameters in a way that you have to select between a few good choices, and those are already compatible with you and your social media profile; saves you time and effort!

What makes Coffee Meets Bagel so popular? 

Coffee Meets bagel began with a core aim to set updaters in long-term relationships; by finding their right matches, i.e. bagel. Of course, they went for more quality over quantity approach, which seems to put them above their competitors’ dating apps.

Every day, in the noon, you will find some limited number of singles on the app, who are referred to as bagels. These singles that will be shown to you will be customized as per your Coffee Meets Bagel profile and your social media profiles.

So, mainly they narrow down their existing list of singles, to know which of them better fit you, and then present you those filtered few! If two bagels have liked each other, then that’s considered a match and the chatting round can then begin. 

We’d say that’s a pretty neat and straightforward approach. Of course, there is a bit of a fun factor to the app, which may come off as confusing to many users, but this dating app somehow makes it exciting and likeable.

Website Overview

Website address:

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According to the Coffee Meets Bagel site, dating doesn’t need to be as complicated as it has become in these modern times.

They have a straightforward step by step process, which will eventually give you your bagel, and your long-term breakfast engagement ready in no time. 

First, you must set up your account with them, and since it’s a mobile-only platform, you need to download their app. You can then link your Facebook account so that your entire Facebook profile can be used to match you to a bagel that suits you, your personality and your desires.

You can then go ahead and enable the locations option for the app so that the app can connect you to other singles from your surroundings.

Next comes the profiling. You have to answer a few questions that can help the app find you an ideal match, or show you highly probable bagels that you could match with. This completes your sign up, but you still have a few more steps to go.

You also need to pick a photo to go with your profile, and the good thing about Coffee Meets Bagel is that you get to select up to 9 photos, so you don’t have to struggle with choosing just one picture that’s perfect anymore!

You can also add up to 3 bio prompts that go like, ‘I am’, ‘I like’ and ‘I appreciate when my date’, which are intended to give suitors an idea about you and how you like your date to be. Once all of this is done and filled-in, you can then start sending your likes!

Every afternoon you get a limited number of bagels that you can either like or pass. After 24 hours, if no action has been taken, then these bagels simply disappear from your profile.

You can dig into the discovery tab to find locals and hunt bagels on your own if you don’t like any of the bagels that are shown to you on a particular afternoon, and this is where their in-app purchase comes in.

The complicated part of this app begins when you start picking bagels. If you‘re a girl, then you can select as many bagels as you want for free! However, if you’re a guy, then each bagel you pick from the discovery tab will cost you 380 beans.

If you’re a new user, Coffee Meets Bagel starts you off with 14,000 seeds. If you want to jump the queue for a particular bagel and get noticed, then you can also send them flowers. Once you are done with all of the above, and matches start rolling in, you can start chatting with your potential partners!

If the conversation is flowing smoothly and you like what you’ve heard so far, then don’t hesitate to ask the person for a date. Let nature take its course once your meet and greet have happened with this unique CMB app.

Pricing & Membership Fees

The premium membership for Coffee Meets Bagel was launched in early 2017, at a whopping $35 per month.

Coffee Meets Bagel co-founder Dawoon Kang intends to monetize the dating app and set apart their service promise by offering amazing behind-the-scenes data, which will be most helpful in eliminating ghosting. Then there is also the matter of in-app purchases.

If you want to get noticed by the bagel you are choosing from the discovery tab then beans have to be forked over for the same. If women are choosing in the discovery tab, then it costs them no seeds, except for when they decide to revive old conversation or send across flowers to other bagels.

However, if a man is to choose, then it could cost him a whopping 380 beans to get noticed by one female. The CMB app offers seeds in a bundle of 100, which will cost you $1.99, so we recommend you buy in bulk. You can get 2000 beans for $23.99 and 3000 beans for $24.99.

Besides this, you choose the premium subscription with Coffee Meets Bagel, which will offer you read receipts and additional beans in every bundle you purchase. You can even get activity reports to know how your dating scenario is looking!

Your premium subscription could cost $35 per month, but it would be $20 per month if you buy six months, and $15 a month if you subscribe for a whole year.

Site Performance Score: (Out of 10)



Mobile Design

8 / 10

Content Updates

8 / 10

Image / Video Quality

8 / 10


9 / 10

Content Amount

9 / 10

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10 / 10


9 / 10


8 / 10


9  /10

Value For Money

9  /10

Overall Performance

8..5 / 10

Competitors of Coffee Meets Bagel

When it comes to dating, there are so many options and choices in terms of dating apps, sites, and forums, that it almost gets impossible to narrow it down to 1-2 right platforms. Coffee Meets Bagel is one of the premia picks for most sophisticated individuals and young professionals as well.

However, they do have a fierce competition from the likes of Tinder, OkCupid, and other such dating sites that all already created a name in the market. Unlike Tinder and OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel is a little more on the local and city front and less on the international front.

It loses credibility and trust when it comes to comparing the legacy of brands, and how well they are known in the market. Tinder and OkCupid also have well-defined matchmaking parameters and algorithms that filter potential candidates better than CMB.

However, from a product perspective, Tinder and OkCupid have hundreds of matches that you sort through every time you log in. With CMB, however, you get a limited choice of like-minded matches every day, and no spam in your direct message folder either.

CMB is better compared to its competitors when it comes to offering quality service and personalizing the dating experience for users.


  • It is not just a hook-up app. This app is designed to help singles find meaningful and long-term relationship partners.

  • The women to men number on this app are 60/40 because more and more women join in feeling comfortable with the format and more quality prospects over quantity.

  • Unlike Tinder and OkCupid, it is relatively easy to find a match here.

  • This app has a respectable 4-star rating on Google Play, and 4.4 out of 5 stars on iTunes review.

  • Young professionals and sophisticated adults are generally the kind of crowd this app pulls.

  • For those who don’t have a ton of time to keep hunting for dates, this app is an ideal start.

  • You will not be overwhelmed with 100s of matches to sit scouting from, or unwanted messages filling your inbox.

  • CMB keeps it simple with a few single bagels to choose from every day.

  • Because your Facebook is linked with this app, they use all the information they have about you and make it a parameter to find other like-minded matches.

  • Profiles on CMB are not searchable elsewhere, so you can stop worrying about too much exposure.

  • You don’t need to invest too much of your time browsing and discovering this app.

  • If you have a premium subscription, then you can check how active is the match that you are vying and also have a look at your read receipts. Additionally, you get activity reports as well.


  • The number of matches you get to meet every day is limited.

  • The matching algorithm that CMB uses is not one of the best in the dating market, and some of its competitors have far more updated and hi-tech parameters to match profiles.

  • You are choosing dates from your surrounding areas, friends, friends of friends and other because it is pulling information from your Facebook account. You might just get set up with an ex, a friend’s ex, or even someone you have deleted from your Facebook but the app has still picked up. This reduces your chances of finding potential partner and also ends up wasting a few bagel chances of yours on any given day.

  • It is not as popular as Tinder, so the variety of single bagels and signed up users is not that high.

  • Internationally, Coffee Meets Bagel is full in Sydney and Hong Kong, but other than that it is still pretty local.

  • If you are looking for a quick hook-up, then CMB is not the app for you.

  • There is too much effort in terms of forking over beans, sending flowers and making in-app purchases to refill your pods level.

  • Premium subscription is quite steep. It has its perks, but even so, $15 every month for one year would not be considered as a low price.

  • In-app purchase is another add-on expenditure that will be needed more often than you realize, especially if you’re a male user.

Customer Support

Their webpage even has a Help Centre that will guide you through the entire working of the app, and answer your doubts and queries as well. Right from bagels and beans, troubleshooting and premium subscription, to their safety, security and privacy policies, this centre has sections dedicated for it all.

If you are stuck in some process or want to know more about subscription, their Help Centre is fully equipped to help you with it. You will also find a section dedicated to recent activities a promoted articles, which can show threads that other users have started with CMB.


Despite the somewhat tangled and bulky interface of the app, Coffee Meets Bagel is a great place to start mingling with like-minded singles. You can look for meaningful relationships and everyday breakfasts with your partner, by signing up for this app.

There are many other dating site apps and websites out there, but none seem to be as fun and exciting as CMB. Moreover, it is a very secure and sealed application, which ensures total protection to its users.

The premium subscription for this app might sound a tad steep to the users, which is why we recommend you sign up for the free version to get the look and feel of this, and then go for the premium subscription.

Coffee Meets Bagel guarantees that every single that registers on their app gets a chance to meet many like-minded bagels every day. If you are on the lookout for love on the internet, then Coffee Meets Bagel is a perfectly brewed application for the digital age.

Parting Words

Now that you have an overview on Coffee Meets Bagel, how it works, its perks and pricing, and know how to get started, we are sure you‘re already downloading the app to check out the bagels for this afternoon!

Dating in this fast-paced life might seem like a challenge, but Coffee Meets Bagel guarantees to make this walk more straightforward and everyday breakfast with your partner a dream come true. If you liked this review of ours, then be sure to stay tuned to this page for more dating site reviews.

We will ensure that you get all the necessary information about a dating site so you can decide if it’s worth your time or forking over money, or should you skip the site altogether.

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