Comic Con Cosplay Cuties 2012

It’s that time of the year again; the time when nerdy basement dwellers step out the front door of their parents house for the first time in who knows how long, to go bring their fantasies of superheroes, video game characters and manga to LIFE!

Demotivational Poster: Basement Dweller: You cannot kill what already has no life


Comic Con San Diego occurred July 12th-15th this year, and had an excellent turnout of 130 000+ humans (and mutants/monsters/whatever). Anyway, enough of the small talk – you’re obviously only here to see the sexiness that graced those lucky, goggling-eyed geeks! So here it is – the sexiest, nerdiest gallery of geeky gals the net has to offer.

Jessica Nigri at Comic-Con

Pornstar in geek clothing? Probably!

Yaya Han dressed as catwoman at Comic-Con

Beauty in a Tinkerbell costumefemale in millenium falcon costume

Master Roshi sees something he likes!

blonde dressed as Link from ZeldaCosplay of Daenerys Targaryen with dragon on shoulder

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