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Con Artist Sinnamon Love Speaks On BIPOC Scam, Performers Don’t Trust Her

Sinnamon continues to defend her scam, and why not?  She has bills to pay, judging from her tweets, a lot of them.

I made a post detailing Sinnamon’s and her alleged soon to be ex’s past financial crimes. That post made its way to Sinnamon, not sure how, since no one reads TRPWL. I guess at least Sinnamon does.

Anyway, after the post when it up, Sinnamon began tweeted me from her private account. An account that went private after I started questioning her about where the money goes.

One of her tweets to me was a partial document that appeared to be from the divorce that was filed a couple months back .

Sinnamon, the date of separation can be whatever to decide to write in.  I guess my first question would be, If he was the piece of shit you claim her is, why is HE the one that filed?

Certainly a law abiding citizen such as yourself would of bailed oh I don’t know, say,. maybe 27 years ago? he went to prison, that would of been the perfect time to file, you know exactly where he’s at, simple low cost divorce. But no. you waited 27 years, a week after BIPOC was created to end it.

And with a straight face, you can say neither you or he has found someone in the last 27 years to make your life complete? Or maybe like Sissy and Bud in Urban Cowboy y’all figured one day you would circle back to each other. But then, as bad luck would have it, a week after you created BIPOC, yall said, “this isn’t working, lets breakup, so I can create the #NewBoo hashtag ”

But wait, there’s more

How does someone with such limited means afford an Attorney and an assistant?

Ahhh, I’m just playing, I’m not one to believe everything I read..

I might have let this go, but after my post the other day, no fewer than 4 people reached out, 3 performers and one company.

One said, they were prepared to give a decent amount of money, but “YOU couldn’t tell them what it was gonna spent on. ”

I like this one, “Sinnamon told us she couldn’t get a 501c because she was accused of embezzlement and drug running”

One said, “I asked what the money was earmarked for, and I was told micro grants, when I asked for more info, I was told they don’t discuss who gets the micro grants.”

Microgrants are small, one-time-only, cash awards given to community groups and others for short-term community projects. The microgrants projects are designed and implemented by the community groups themselves.

Micro grants are a pretty straight forward ripoff scheme

Lets say I have a friend who teaches yoga, I say “hey friend, how much would you charge me to teach 20 of us weekly? ” My friend says, “1500 a month”. I say I can get you 2300, just give me the extra 800. I tell my friend, it’s cool, we are ripping off white people..They deserve, they owned slaves 200 years ago..

If you’re gonna steal without the help of a non profit, a micro grant is a great way. They are designed to keep the donor out of it, if its a minority owned group, the only one who will question where the money goes are…..Other minorities, and thats whats happening now

The last quote is a doozy, but using it for another post

Sinnamon, in actuality there are a good amount of POC in porn that want to see their group lifted up, and are beginning to see you for the scumbag you are ..

Since your name is so tainted due to “drug running and embezzlement accusations,” your words, not mine, plus the past criminal behavior with the ex-husband, why not step away from bipoc.

You claim to care so much about the plight of the BIPOC performers, hand it all over to someone other than the onlyfans guy you control..

Here, let me create the BIPOC board

President Lotus Lian – and she hates me

VP Isiah Maxwell

Treasurer Anna Foxxx & Daisy Ducati

All checks/out going money need 2 of the above 4 signatures

All incoming donations into a bank account that all members of the board have access to.

And don’t go down the Porn Union route, where the people elected are elected for life, turn it over every 2 years. All board members have to be active members of the porn community, since, this is a porn group. It really doesn’t make sense for you to run it Sinnamon,. You’ve been out of the game for 10 years, the adult industry has chnaged alot over the last 10 years

Anyway,  we all know you’re not going anywhere Sinnamon, The BIPOC Collective is your 401k plan





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