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Confront daughter about her posing nude on the Web

Amy Dickinson writes for the Chicago Tribune:

Dear Confused: Think about it. If you bring this up with your daughter, what’s the worst that can happen? Will this conversation prompt her to become an online porn presence? That already happened. Will she make poor choices that could affect her life for many years to come? Done.

I’m not sure how you know the details of your daughter’s contractual agreement with this online site or what led you to investigate this in the first place — perhaps you have an informant or otherwise suspected that your daughter was leading this life — but now it’s time for you to be honest with her.

Be frank, concerned and loving. Share your sense of alarm and your worries about her. Ask her why she is doing this — and listen to her response.

Your daughter is an adult. She is making choices that, while probably legal, are antithetical to her upbringing. You have a right and responsibility to continue to be her mother and attempt to guide her. You also may have to catch her when she falls. She needs to know that you’ll be a presence in her life — and that when she participates in this venture in the public sphere — her mother will be watching.

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