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Congrats Max Hardcore


We at Lukeford wish all the best to Max Hardcore, we hope he goes to jail, we hope he gets ass fucked on a daily basis and we hope he gets pissed on routinely.

Max is a degenerate and it’s pathetic sickos like him masquerading as ‘pornographers’ that get this industry in trouble. If you’ve watched a Max movie you see very quickly that the basis for his scenes are 20% sex and 80% degredation of women.

Max is a vile pig and an embarassment to this industry. Free speech is one thing, what Max does has nothing to do with free speech, what Max does is simply vile and deplorable and he ‘hides’ under the umbrella of free speech.

Shooting Courtney Cummz getting fucked in the ass by Tony T is one thing. That is porn.

Dressing a girl up in clothes and makeup to appear as though she’s 9 years old and then fucking her ass, choking her, spitting on her, pissing in her mouth, pissing in her ass and pissing in her pussy are completely different. That is not porn, that’s a sick twisted pervert! That’s Max.

Peeter O’Toole responds on XPT:

Dear TMFR, and…Staff, First off we all know the only staff you have Taylor is Fayner and he probably doesn’t even give a shit about Max, but knows you will kick him out of your house if he doesn’t agree with you. So pretty much your are congratulating Max Hardcore for going to jail and that does not only weaken the whole porn industry but also shows the industry as a whole will not stand together to support anything. Not to mention isn’t that kind of biting the hand that feeds you…you gargled Max’s piss once or twice correct? You don’t seem to understand the freedom’s we are granted here in the states. If you think what Max does it perverted then don’t fucking watch it, There is no need to be a whiney little cunt and be all happy about him going to jail. You don’t seem to realize that this effects everyone in the industry. There is a little thing called freedom of speech at stake here and you know what without max hardcore you wouldn’t be anywhere or even have a well paying job. You would probably be living with some thug getting slapped for straying out of line. These girls know what they are getting themselves into, and if they don’t then they are too fucking retarded for not asking the right questions about the shoot, and not reading what ever they were sighing. You seem to lose sight of one very important thing here…when you start censoring one genera of movies that is only going to lead to more and more censoring until porn is as illegal as your precious drugs. Everything is ok…or nothing is ok to do in porn. You cannot have it both ways, get your head out of your ass. And stand up for your industry. ‘Cuz pretty soon you’ll be back to flipping burgers bitch…

Taylor Rain did not write that post. It is a completely different style of writing from hers.

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