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Congrats Mika & Alec, on your DIVORCE! Pics

Text & Photos by Jeremy Steele

Divorce Party? Why not. I think it’s genius. In Buddhist philosophy, death is an occasion of major religious significance; the end as a beginning into a new world.  In some cultures, death is not greeted with mourning but celebration for life, in memory, and in lieu of the soul’s venture into a new dimension. Regardless, one might as well have fun, no matter what the occasion, and lots showed up to PSK Tuesday night. And in the spirit of things, Lucky and I hung out together like old times.


Photos include: Mika Tan & Alec Knight, Kiki D’aire, Alia Starr, Lucky Starr & myself, Nick Manning & Dyanna Lauren, Emily Eve & Haley Sweet, Trinity St. Clair, Max Hardcore, James Bartholet, Nina Hartley, Connie & Nicki Hunter.

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