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Conky: ‘My God. Now I know how Holly felt. That sweaty, Antipodean face above you, puffing, panting, grimacing. Oh, the humanity!’

Holly Randall replies: “Dear God, don’t remind me. I tried to close my eyes and think of rainbows and unicorns.”

Conky gives my vacation photos the treatment.

Luca Eisenstein writes on XPT: “ On a serious note, is Luke alright? He doesn’t look like a healthy man in those pictures…”

Vanessa adds: “EDS – Exercise Deficiency Syndrome.”

Luca writes: “His face looks so tired… Maybe it’s just the weight of the world on his shoulders? I’m worried…”

Holly Randall writes: “It’s exhausting trying to save the doomed souls of porn stars and pornographers.”

Luca writes: “He has my mitgefil. I can understand his conflict and the pain it causes. But apart from that, I’ve read rumours that a young shikse spurned him and he hasn’t been the same ever since…”

Holly writes: “Pffft. I DO come with a warning label, you know. Besides, I’m a changed woman.”

Luca writes: “Damn it, woman! Do you realise that you just killed a human being? Your cruelty and lack of moral sense are disgusting!”

Holly writes: “Oh please. I know Luke’s sense of humor well enough to be assured he would know I was joking. He would actually have more of a goofy, childish smile on his face. Besides, it’s not like he hasn’t deeply offended me in the past. I don’t need to treat him with kid gloves.”

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