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Conspiracy Theory? or Truth?-part one

This 3 part post was written on 9.15.01 and send out as an e-mail to the friends of Bryn Pryor (aka Eli Cross). I thought it important enough to post it again today.

No matter who you are on this list, I feel sure that this is the longest e-mail I’ve ever sent you, and perhaps the longest you’ve ever gotten. If you have any interest in the events of this past week, though, I think it’s worth reading. But that might just be because it’s my opinion, which I haven’t really voiced, though many have asked.
I suppose the first thing I should do is recognize that most of you will be surprised to be getting an e-mail like this from me. Of all the people you know, I’m probably the least likely to respond when mass letters about world events – no matter how personal or traumatic – begin circulating. But my view on this, which I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn is very unlike what we’re told to feel as “good” Americans, has led to some friction between me and a few friends, so I want to chime in with my two cents on the events of the last week.
Right upfront let me say I have serious doubts about what we’ve been told so far about the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I’ve told several of you – and I’m still of the opinion – that we shot down Flight 93, and that a missile (probably from an F-16 from Andrews) hit the Pentagon since absolutely no debris from an aircraft has been recovered, and the hole in the building is far too small and cylindrical.
I’m also very skeptical about the way the twin towers imploded given what I know about metallurgy, superstructure architecture and demolitions. Also, what the hell knocked down tower 7, which wasn’t hit by anything? I know I’m paranoid, but this entire thing is a bit too convenient given George Bush’s plummeting popularity and the Enron mess which has now been knocked out of the headlines.
All that being said, let me go forward assuming everything is as it appears. I truly do empathize with the families of the victims of Tuesday’s attack. I respect and honor the grief of those people on a personal and private level, and don’t wish to demean it in any way. What has happened truly is a human tragedy, and for those personally affected, I have nothing but sympathy and understanding.
This is, however, also a political event, and is being played out on the stage of world affairs. Regarding this arena, I have some extremely critical and unpopular things to say. Let me begin by saying that the perpetrators of these acts, if any of the conspirators are still alive, should be caught, and should be punished. It is an edict of the civilized world that you shouldn’t be able to kill without consequence.
Following those same principles, let’s lay an equal share of the blame where it’s squarely due: On the shoulders of the American government, and yes, on the electorate that put them there. Many of you know that I resolutely refuse to participate in the charade that is modern American “democracy.” This event is a perfect example of why.
That’s right. Pissed off over what happened? You damned well should be. But if 100% of your anger is directed at the “Islamic cowards” who made the attacks, in my estimation about 60% is misdirected. For the last five or six decades, foreign policy has been at the bottom of the list of voters’ concerns for prospective candidates. Well this week, New York and Washington suffered the consequences of that lack of concern. Those who actually follow foreign policy, and pay attention to its ramifications, will tell you that something like this was inevitable. We have, in effect, been asking for it for more than fifty years.
It’s easy to trivialize the motives of the attackers by saying they are extremists who were trying to make a statement. But let’s examine that… these extremists felt strongly enough to give their lives to make this statement. Doesn’t that make you wonder what we’ve done that could make someone so angry? Let me put it another way; name one thing that you, and twenty of your friends, feel strongly enough about that you will sacrifice your life for it. Now, go do it.
Get the picture? Whatever you answered (unless it was “nothing”), you were lying, because you’re still alive, and sitting in front of your computer reading this. Those “cowardly terrorists” aren’t. Some pretty serious convictions for a group of cowards, wouldn’t you say?

If you can’t comprehend why someone would want to do this; if you’re one of those people who just doesn’t understand why much of the rest of the world despises the US so deeply, let me give you a little history lesson. By the way, I’m not going to list anything that’s suspect or hearsay. I won’t delve into undocumented coups or assassinations… Every one of these events is documented fact, and a matter of public record.
First off, recognize that “terrorism” is subjective. To us, these people are terrorists because they attacked us. If you disagree, remember that this nation was founded by terrorists. The word hadn’t been coined yet, but the Georgian term “Revolutionary” held exactly the same connotations. Our founding fathers were terrorists fighting against the British. And contrary to what you were taught in school, they weren’t fighting to protect the lofty ideals of liberty and establish democracy; they were protecting their own financial interests when the British government wanted a slice, and the “democracy” they established existed solely to protect the interests of the wealthy from the rabble (e.g., the rest of us). It still works very well in this regard. After all, more than 200 years later, you don’t decide who’s president. The electors do.

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