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Wackojacko posts on JBM:

Are we every going to do anything about the rampant content theft that is going on these days with these youtube type porn sites. Even newbie surfers can access these sites easily not like torrents which they might not understand. new site i came across today with loads of full length movies

Of course all these sites are supported by dating sites that are in the adult industry. Smile to your face and then fuck you in the ass with no lube.

Paul Markham posts:

Expect to see more and more of these sites in the future. Because they meet surfers needs more than paysites do, the cost of delivering content is so small they can be run on a shoestring and we do nothing to stop them.

Over 15 years ago I joined an organisation called APIC who tried to stop people stealing content and making paysites out of it. Some of the industries leaders were guilty of it. APIC had a reputation of shooting first and asking questions second. It was partly affective.

Norman Zada has a bad reputation for suing the wrong people. He is very active in also suing people apart from the thieves. Credit card companies and others.

If we are to stop Torrent and other sites stealing content we need an organisation that will be as aggressive as APIC and Zada. They need to go after anyone they can, including advertisers, affiliates need to stop sending traffic to anyone with an advert on an illegal site. I don’t hold my breath on that happening.

So a little dreaming here, these sites are stopped from using stolen content. will it shut them down? NO. AND IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHY IT WILL NOT SHUT THEM DOWN YOU’RE WASTING YOUR TIME.

Anyone want to hazard a guess why?

We put ourselves into this situation and we will keep ourselves here.

Have you ever thought that advertising on these sites could be cheaper than having an affilite program?

To stop these sites you would need to sue them and stop affiliates sending them traffic. Or find child porn on the theft sites and implicate the advertisers.

Chances of the industry coming together and stopping these sites from operating is very very slim. Chances of these sites growing is very very big.

>>So paul what is the reason they exist and prosper?

They meet the majority of surfers needs more than most paysites.

Most porn consumers want 20 minutes not 30 days. They put up brand new content every day, they are cheaper than paysites, they focus more one what the surfer needs and less on what the affiliate wants.

They can operate and compete with us on price because they don’t spend 60% or more supporting the “traffic” system. We build sites too big and too expensive, to justify $30 price tag so we can give the affiliate $20 of it in money and support. We have gone for “exclusive” content that is mostly cheap and not different from all the other content. But it’s 10 times the price, so we have less content at a higher price. These sites do not fuck over the surfer as much as we do. do you see any of them pulling the strokes we do? OK we are improving but still a lot of sites that charge $30 are crap.

The truth is you only have one legitimate complaint against these sites. They steal content. They do that because we as an industry allow them to. In not prosecuting them, boycotting their sponsors or on mass adopting DRM. Remember I said on mass.

However if these sites bought content they would still be a major competitor to us. They can buy and still under price us, because the surfer is not looking for what we are selling him and not prepared to pay the price we need him to so we can support the system we built.

Traffic is KING, but try selling $30 memberships to guys looking for 20 minute of porn and know they can get it for free. We as an industry have to look to the consumer first and guys standing on street corners handing out leaflets, second.

Harsh words I know and it will be tough for many to swallow, but it’s tomorrows business model. We could only sustain ours when the surfer had no options. Today he has a few, tomorrow he will have more.

I think you made a post, and if it was not you I apologise but it was still a typical view of how we have gone wrong, which said let’s screw the surfer before we get out. We are in this position because we have been screwing the surfer. The surfer is choosing the better option for him.

And that is why these sites exist.

Tomorrow is going to be very tough because we will not shut these sites down and cannot stop people advertising with them.

This business is old, very old. This method of delivering porn is new, very new. And evolving all the time. Those who have been around for more than 30 minutes will know that if they want to survive they have to evolve or go.

40 years ago porn was on 8mm cine film in 5-10 minute reels. Then Beta Cam video came within the grasp of pornographers and the movie was invented. Then Hi8 came out and was in the reach of anyone with $2000 to buy and produce movies with. Amateur porn was introduced. Today a digital camera is $500 and any one can be a producer.

Then the Internet was open to porn and people had BBS sites and it took 10 minutes to download an image. The www and images came down in seconds, then videos. Then free sites opened to direct traffic and the $30 30 day model evolved to pay for affiliates. Now we have competition from sites that don’t have affiliates and taking out members.

30 years ago I was making $500 a week selling pictures of my wife and other girls through the post. Then I found magazines bought sets, then I found I could shoot and sell porn movies as well, then I discovered the Internet. And tried to stop people stealing my content. Today I have paysites, content store, magazines and DVD sales. People no longer buy photographs through the post.

Tomorrow is unknown and those who can predict it and get on the band wagon first will be the ones who make the money and the rest will be scraping along trying to make a buck.

I have always said we ignore the surfer and member, that some even rip him off, we spend too much on poor exclusive content, we pay out too much on traffic. So tell me where I got it wrong please.

Because if I’m wrong and you’re right free sites are not a threat.

What I’m saying is we need to keep evolving and not cling to methods that will not work tomorrow. The surfer is not that stupid.

To compete we need to deliver a better service, better content, better servers, better sites, better programming, better quality experience all round. Then we need to see the price break at which the surfer is prepared to spend for all the benefits.

The present system is aimed at giving the affiliate all the breaks, paying him as much as we can squeeze out of the surfer for as little as we can spend on the surfer.

If we need to deliver a good porn movie at $1 a scene to get him to buy and that only leaves 10 cents for the affiliate, then so be it. As these sites illustrate so well affiliates don’t own traffic. The surfer is free to go where he wants to.

There will always be surfers who will sort through mountains of crap in the hope of finding the free scene to jerk off to and the kid who will jerk off to anything. Neither were target customers for the porn industry. We need to concentrate on the needs of the seasoned buyer who appreciates a good product and is willing to pay for it.

Problem with so many selling porn as affiliates and webmasters is they think like a free surfer.

We get traffic and sign ups from Youtube type sites and been doing special sample videos scenes just for this market.

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