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Cora Moth Blows More Than Smoke in Mofos Debut

Cora Moth continues to win over fans with her sexy and fun scenes. This up and coming starlet recently made her debut at Mofos, and fans can’t get enough of this petite beauty.

Released last weekend, “Blowing More Than Smoke” features Cora in a POV scene with Jessy Jones. Jessy is getting annoyed with Cora’s constant vaping, and he tries to urge her to stop. But, Cora has her own plan, and strips down as she leads Jessy to the bedroom. Once there, she pleasures herself while smoking until Jessy can’t take it anymore. Cora shows Jessy how her vaping benefits him, as she gives him a smoking blow job, and continues to vape as Jessy takes her in several positions.

Cora commented, “I had such a great experience with Mofos and this scene. Working with a veteran performer like Jessy so early in my career was awesome, and this scene was just so fun.”

Cora Moth

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