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Corey D. Silverstein to Speak at Pineapple Support’s Mental Health Summit

Corey D. Silverstein

Attorney Corey D. Silverstein is slated to speak during two separate events held as part of Pineapple Support’s 3rd Annual Mental Health Summit.

Silverstein, the driving force behind and Adult.Law, will provide a legal update at 10 am PT on December 16. He will also join a panel of “industry insiders and corporate leaders” to discuss the impact of 2021, predictions for 2022, and strategies to ensure more security in front of and behind the camera at 2 pm PT that same day.

“Pineapple Support’s Mental Health Summit is an incredible event, and I’m excited to be able to participate and donate my time and expertise,” Silverstein said. “I’m planning to make this a very special presentation and am happy to announce that attorney Lawrence Walters will also be presenting during the legal update.”

The Pineapple Support Mental Health Summit 2021’s stated focus is “resilience, support, security, and planning for the future.”

“After the previous turbulent few months and a number of significant legal updates, we are particularly honored to have the adult industry’s leading attorney Corey Silverstein sharing his expertise at this year’s Mental Health Summit,” said Leya Tanit Founder and CEO of Pineapple Support.

“It is more important than ever for persons at all levels and working in all areas of adult to have an understanding of the current requirements and regulations,” Tanit continued. “It is only with this knowledge that we can move forward with confidence and security.

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