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Courtney Robertson: We Want You!

An Open Letter to Model and The Bachelor Contestant Courtney Robertson

Dear Miss Robertson,

Courtney RobertsonYou had us at “skinny-dip”! We’ve been glued to the tube as you’ve frolicked around topless in Belize and jumped into the ocean completely nude in Puerto Rico. We knew you were a dirty girl, but upon confirmations that you are indeed a sex-crazed maneater – with allegations of your photographer ex-boyfriend shopping around your sex tape – we have only become more intrigued.

Thus, we are willing to make you and Mr. Cavan Clark a very lucrative deal. We want your sex tape and we are willing to pay you big bucks for it. But, that doesn’t stop. We think you have a bright future in adult films and would love to make you a star. Who needs a rich husband when you are rolling in cash from the sales of your DVDs?

You’ve seen what this type of thing has done for the careers of Kim Kardashian, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton. Think millions and millions of cold hard cash.

Have your people call our people.


Your admirers at

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