Cowboys and Penises?

The title says it all! This short film is about a “cocky cowboy” that falls in love. It’s actually a well put together film -the graphics are awesome, the music fits well. The only fucked up thing about Wanted Melody is that all the characters are penises.

Wanted Melody is French animated western that was release in 2011. This dick filled movie has appeared in many different film festivals all over the world including the SIGGRAPH in L.A.

The directors, Paul Jaulmes and Boris Croisé, are trying to raise money to produce more animated shorts – called The Willies. Each short would be located in a different environment, currently Jaulmes and Croisé are working on a world of pirates, a horror movie and a musical. I don’t think many people want to pay to watch singing penises but more power to them.

Here are some of their concept art for this series so far:



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