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Craig’s List Killer’s New Details on Evidence & How he Committed Suicide

I’ve got some new exclusive details of the whole Craig’s LIst Killer, Philp Markoff’s case.

There are new details of the evidence against Markoff just released . The police had found a gun in his apartment  that was hidden in a hollowed out anatomy book. The gun ballistically matched the one that shot & killed Julissa.

Masking tape used on one of the robbery victims had fingerprints on it belonging to Markoff.

There were matches of phone numbers found in the phones of the victims and the phone of  Markoff.

There was also a trail of emails from Markoff’s home computer to Julissa’s computer with emails detailing their upcoming meeting.

Before Markoff was jailed he was planning his wedding to longtime girlfriend, Megan Mc Allister. Megan is now at a medical school in another country.

The day that Markoff commited suicide was one day after what would have been his one year wedding anniversary.

He killed himself by fashioning a scalpal out of a pen and a piece of metal. He used it to cut various arteries on his body. He then wrote in blood on the wall of his cell- “Megan” and “Pocket.” Megan being his ex-fiance and Pocket being a term of endearment they used for each other.

Markoff then put a plastic bag over his head, laid down and covered up as he bled to death. He was not found by officers until the next morning.


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