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Craigslist Killer- Engagement is off/ Wedding is off

(this story is for Asa, who gets all her Craigslist killer info here, and besides she’s really HOT!)

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The suspected  Craigslist Killer is no longer engaged. Megan McAllister visited Philip in jail, she did so without her engagement ring on. She spent twenty five minutes talking to him. Various sources (such as the band’s representative) report their services have been canceled. The August wedding plans are being dismantled.

Megan’s lawyer, Robert Honecker Jr.  also stated (Megan) “…realizes it is time she moves on with her life”

After her visit, Megan picked up some belongings at the apartment she once shared with Philip and went back to New Jersey with her parents. “I don’t expect her to return to Boston to see him,” her lawyer, Honecker said.

 “You have a young woman whose dreams of her life to be are no longer there,” he said. “She’s going to be taking it one day at a time.”

Megan is scheduled to start medical school in the fall.

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