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Craigslist Killer- Some Evidence Confirmed, new Statements from Victims and Girlfriend

As this man is innocent until proven guilty let me start by saying- allegedly-

Unnamed Victim #1 Las Vegas woman who advertised massage servicesApril 10th
The first victim,(name not released), who was robbed at gunpoint is now speaking and says she believes she is alive today because she did not resist. She did exactly what he told her to do.


On the Murder- Julissa Brisman Victim #2-  advertised massage services-April 14th
The gun found in Philip Markoff’s apartment is the same kind as the one used to shoot and kill the beautiful masseuse Julissa Brisman.

There is a preliminary match on the bullets.

Brisman’s underwear was found at Markoff’s apartment.

According to a friend and photographer, Julissa had previously had a substance abuse problem but was trying to change her life. She had been clean for a year and was going to be a addiction counselor.


Victim #3-Unnamed Exotic Dancer-  advertised sex for moneyApril 16                   She was bound and held at gunpoint until her husband burst in the room and chased the robber away. She suggested to police that this seemed like the same robber involved in the other crimes.

Police have placed an ad on CraigsList asking for other victims to come forward.

Philip Markoff & his fiancee, Megan McAllister were scheduled to be married in August. The wedding has been called off, and all reservations have been canceled. Megan  who has previously promised to stand by her man, and who has said that he couldn’t harm a fly has changed her statement a bit. In her newest quote to the media she says-

   “In the past two short weeks, my life and what I hoped my life to be has dramatically changed. I want to thank my family and my friends who have supported me during this very difficult time. Without them, I do not know how I could make it through this nightmare. I hope they know that I love each and every one of them.

I also love my fiancé and I will continue to support him throughout this legal process. My heart goes out to all of those afflicted by these events, especially the families and individuals who have personally suffered from this tragedy.

It is my intent to full cooperate with my fiancé’s attorney as well as, the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office as they both continue their investigations. I can only tell them what I know and what is the truth. I will expect that these discussions will occur within the next several days.

What has been portrayed and leaked to the media is not the Philip Markoff that I know. To me and my family, he is a loving and caring person and in the eyes of the law and constitution, he is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. I just can only hope that the criminal justice system will not be overwhelmed and persuaded by what is being put forth in the media. My fiancé’s fate should not rest in the court of public opinion, but rather in a court of law.”



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