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CraigsList Killer suspect- BREAKING NEWS

An unnamed police source says that-

1. Philip Markoff, Craigslist Killer Suspect, is being watched closely after he was found with marks on his neck that could have been made by shoelaces.

2. Some of the underwear found in Philips possession belonged to his victims.

3. from The Huffington Post-A former medical school lab partner of accused Craigslist killer Philip Markoff says she’s not surprised that he’s a suspect in the case because he had profound mood swings and often appeared “disturbed.”

Tiffany Montgomery tells The Boston Globe that she was often alarmed at Markoff’s mood swings. She says he’d appear warm and friendly one day, then be brooding and depressed the next day. She says she was so troubled that she considered alerting school counselors that he might be suicidal.

4, Markoff’s fiance and friends have started a FaceBook group called “Philip is innocent until proven guilty”.

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