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Craigslist Killer Suspect, Evidence found in his Apt.

Police agencies are reporting that found in Philip Markoff’s apartment were zip ties similiar to those that were used to handcuff victims and a semi-automatic. Rumors are flowing that Markoff had a gambling problem and lots of debt because of it.

When Markoff was arrested he was carrying $1000 cash and was on his way to Foxwood’s Casino.

The victims of the Craigslist Killer were all girls who would carry cash and be wary of reporting a crime to the police because they were in the skin trade. Maybe Markoff decided this would be an easy and policefree way to make quick cash to pay off his debt before his wedding in August.

I’m guessing he had no plans of killing anyone, but when the masseuse fought him as he was trying to bind her, he panicked and the gun went off. Do semi-automatics continue to fire when the trigger is pulled? The masseuse was shot three times in the chest at close range.

Markoff’s girlfriend thinks the Boston Police are mistaken and some officers are just trying to make money by selling their story to television programs. Can she say Delusional?

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