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“Craigslist Killer” Update ( just for Asa)


Last month “Craigslist Killer” Philip Markoff was indicted by the Grand Jury. Markoff tried to have this thrown out saying that the grand jury was influenced by what they had heard in the media.

First of all, how could they NOT be influenced? Unless they had been in isolation, everyone in the US, if not on the planet, has heard about this case. But Markoff is mistaken in thinking the case can be dropped because of media influence.

A grand jury is different then a trial jury.  A grand jury can base their decision on any knowledge they have, including outside influences. So as I expected, today the judged ruled against Markoff and the trial process will continue.

It is going to be difficult to find an undiased trial jury though. I suspect that will cause multiple appeals of his (I’m guessing) conviction.

In my opinion, the lawyer knew this ploy wouldn’t work, but it is an attempt on his part to  set up the case for a change of venue down the line.

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