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Craigslist Suspect targeted Trannys, men, T/V too?

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The accused Craigslist killer, NBC News has learned, may have been soliciting men as well as women for sexual encounters through the online classified service.

NBC News’ Jeff Rossen reported Monday on TODAY that a Boston professional, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear that he could lose his job, reported contacting Philip Markoff via Craigslist.

“I posted an ad on Craigslist under ‘male for t,’ which stands for ‘males for transsexuals,’ ” the man said. “That’s where he found me.”

‘I was scared’
The man said Markoff replied to the ad by writing: “I am a 22 y/o grad student. 6’3, 205, good build, blond/blue eyes … let me know what else you want to see or know about me.” The man said Markoff addressed him as “babe.” In one e-mail, the person the man identified as Markoff wrote: “What are you into and what are your stats? What are you doing tonight?”

Sources report that Markoff sent the e-mail from a Yahoo! address registered to “sexaddict5385.” He said that Markoff sent him pictures, many of them explicit, which is how he recognized Markoff

NL-Reported elsewhere that Markoff was also looking for men that dress like women

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