Crazy French Music Video

Giants, mermaids and sex all in one fucked-up video!

I always find the weirdest videos on Vimeo – this time it’s a French music video. The song is called Dancing Anymore by Is Tropical, the song itself is good but the music video is fucked up. This video is very much NSFW!

The video starts with a young pool boy and an older woman – surprisingly nothing happens between the two of them – she gives instruction on how to clean the pool then leaves. The pool boy left to his own devices starts wondering around this big empty house. Eventually, he starts watching T.V. – I assume it’s porn but he could be watching anything- then starts masturbating. While he masturbates, a naked animated girl appears on top of him and starts humping him.

The rest of the video, the guy is fucking random animated girls – some giants, and a mermaid. At one point he’s double teaming a girl with what looks the a CGI version of the mailman that appears earlier.  Then BAM, he’s screwing the mailman while a Laura Croft looking woman watches.

By far the best part of this video is the animated girl with her head threw the wall and Laura Croft spazzing out on the guy’s crotch. Best first music I’ve seen in awhile – even though I was going WTF the whole time.

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