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Crazy Gossip in TWITTERLAND !

Just a chunk of interesting stuff from TWitter-

christianxxx1 i had to remove a girl from my set today! sucks but she left me no choice. I don’t tolerate suitcase pimps on my set!  its McKenzie Lee. and her suitcase had a gun in his waistband to boot. are you kidding me? only in porn.


MsMandyMay Holiday tip: a laptop is way better and in the long run cheaper then buying magazines when you can go to @Perezhilton or @Lukeisback .com


Moonsinger@LukeIsBack I’m Not a BAD Girl..I’m a GOOD Girl who Does BAD Things. (It Says so on my Tagline…Hee Hee.)


britneystevens to @goldstramodeling take me off yer site i no longer what u guys to represent me!!

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