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Crissy Moran Update

Her story.

From her blog:

As my relationship heads more towards marriage, something I’ve always dreamed of, I feel I am analyzing things more closely. I want to be sure that the one I will be giving my heart to for the rest of my life is as committed as I am. Marriage is something I only want to do one time (… don’t we all?). I am all of a sudden seeing weak marriages around me fall. I see people who should be committed not as committed and I am frightened. I think about what it means to be committed. Not just for me to be committed but my partner as well. It is more than just saying the words… there are actions behind them. The relationship needs to be a place where I feel safe enough to let down my guards therefore it needs to be carefully guarded emotionally. It should be Christ-centered and honorable to Him. The relationship needs to lends itself to growth and not be destructive. Your love should be evident in the way you honor one another.

March 10th I did my 4th interview about leaving porn and rededicating my life to Christ for Canada’s most listened to spiritual talkback program, The DREW MARSHALL show.  It was scheduled to go for 30 minutes but we ended up going an hour.  In my opinion it went incredibly well.  Click here to listen to my story:

March 10 / Journey, Crissy – Ex Porn Star

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