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Cross Dresser Hating APAG Hosts Trans Townhall Meeting

Never one to miss a chance at some publicity, APAG is now pro-trans… Which is given conversations Ive had with some of them overt he last few years..

Who can forget the time Ruby went after Brad Armstrong for being a “cross dresser


Ruby, a board member for life has been very vocal about her views on gays.  While whats her face in Chi town kept her mouth shut, Ruby and Alana “One Last Cry” Evans both pointed out Trans workers  were responsible for almost all of the Adult industry HIV moratoriums.. Of course now that the rights of others are at the forefront of Society, all the sudden APAG is pro trans, so much so they marched out their Token Trans board member..



LOL  Like the racist who says I’m not racist because I have a black friend …

APAG is a fraud, and anyone who thinks otherwise deserves to get scammed



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