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Cross Dressing Horse Fucker Steve Holmes Strikes Again

Yes, I said Horse Fucker. While not common knowledge, he admitted to it in the past.

Like most euro guys, Steve Holmes is a legendary piece of monkey shit.  From dropping the N-bomb, to bad hygiene, this fucktard never fails to delivery cringe worthy moments. And for some reason, people still hire this guy. In a industry that calls itself “woke’ The Nazi is still earning a fine living…

XBIZ won’t use the word “interracial” but they will promote a guy who uses derogatory terms to describe African Americans, hates gays, and attacks Trans workers…

Here’s the latest:

Sounds like this guy could use a reputable Publicist.

My first take on this, is how does this guy NOT know Aubrey is Trans? And who books a Trans scene without telling the male talent it’s a trans scene? Or, what agent takes the booking without telling their openly racist homophobic talent it’s a trans scene ? He’s with OC, so there’s that.

Steve has so much respect for the people paying him, that instead of abiding by their wishes and letting it go, he felt compelled to DM Aubrey. If Grandpa Steve wants to be mad, he should talk the person who booked the scene, not the talent. Even better, he could add trans performers to his no list, the same way that girls add Steve to theirs.

I’m not up on the latest Trans performers, my knowledge is limited to what I run for the most part. I do know that there are some high level performers and Aubrey is one of them. Maybe Steve is just jealous his cross dressing career was a bust.

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