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From XBiz:

NEW YORK — In reaction to the June 11 arrest of Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, for disorderly conduct in an incident in which Craig propositioned a male undercover police officer for sex in a Minneapolis airport bathroom, posted an article describing the secret underworld of gay and bisexual men looking for anonymous sex in public locations.

Gay social networking site owner Keith Griffith was interviewed for the story and described online access to information about “cruising” locations and the system of signaling employed by men interested in sexual contact with unknown individuals.

“Tapping of the foot is pretty standard for men who cruise in toilets,” Griffith said. “They will usually go to the stall at the far end of the strip of toilets. They will see each other and usually decide to go someplace else. The vast majority has no interest in being seen. They may be meeting in public locations, but they will be as discreet as possible.”

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