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Crystal Clark Releases ‘Step-Sisters Sloppy Seconds’ @crystalclarkxo @ryanmclane @kiki_daire

Crystal Clark

In one of her newest releases, Crystal Clark brings “Step-Sisters Sloppy Seconds” to life, costarring Ryan Mclane and Kiki Daire.

Ryan is lying in bed next to his wife Kiki, when she tells him her step-sister Crystal is getting divorced and that she invited Crystal to stay with them. When Crystal arrives, Kiki shows Ryan her attitude and bosses him around and he gets flustered noticing how beautiful his sister-in-law Crystal is.

Kiki and Ryan decide to have fun when she leaves to get some lube from downstairs. The door to the bedroom opens, and Ryan is surprised to see Crystal walk in, looking for Kiki. Crystal sits down on the bed and reaches under the comforter, playing with Ryan’s member before he cums in her hand and she leaves. Kiki walks in, and Ryan tells Kiki he was so excited he jerked himself off, afraid of telling her the truth. Kiki yells and storms out of the room.

In the morning Ryan comes downstairs for breakfast to see Kiki and Crystal in the kitchen having put cinnamon rolls in the oven. Afterwards, Kiki begins to blow Ryan, when the oven timer goes off. Kiki jumps up and runs downstairs to take the pastries out of the oven and begin icing them. The bedroom door opens and in walks Crystal, who takes over what Kiki had been doing, causing Ryan to explode in her mouth. Afterwards, she leaves, and Kiki walks back in. Ryan again tells her he took care of himself, and Kiki walks out, slamming the door.

Three days later, Ryan and Kiki have date night, while back at the house Crystal sneaks into their bedroom closet. Kiki again goes down on Ryan, then remembers she needed to get the lube from downstairs. Crystal pops out of the closet and climbs on the bed, orally servicing Ryan before climbing on top of him. Kiki walks in and catches them in the act, and is furious at first. The girls talk and then reveal they have always shared boyfriends, and it turns into a threesome making Ryan’s dreams come true. The scene ends with Ryan cuming all over Kiki’s face.

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