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Crystal Clark Releases ‘Stepmom Prepares Me For My First Date!’ @crystalclarkxo @jayromeroxxx

Crystal Clark

One of Crystal Clark’s newest releases really highlights the closeness of a family. In the POV filmed“Stepmom Prepares Me For My First Date!’, Crystal, who also wrote and directed the movie stars alongside Jay Romero, and plays his stepmom.

After working up the nerve to ask the girl of his dreams, Brittany, out on a date, Jay tells his stepmom about it. She quizzes him on his sexual knowledge and Jay begins to second guess himself. Crystal tells him about nerve boners and premature ejaculation, and Jay begins to worry if he’ll embarrass himself. Crystal says he’ll be ok, and since a girl had never touched his penis before, she’ll do it to help him out. She yanks down his pants and pulls out lube before delivering a top notch hand job to Jay.

In class the next day, Jay hears from some friends about Brittany’s experience performing fellatio, and he gets nervous that he won’t be up to par. He comes home upset and tells Crystal about it. She tells him not to worry, because she’ll suck his dick so he knows what a blowjob is like. She drops to her knees and devours his cock, and Jay cums in her mouth. She tells him he needs to ask before doing that with a lady, and Jay realizes his stepmom really loves him.

Back at college, Jay continues to hear about Brittany’s sexual prowess and that she has engaged in coitus many times. Hearing this stresses Jay out, as he’s worried he won’t be able to measure up to her past partners. Arriving home, he lets Crystal know how he feels and contemplates cancelling the date as he’s a virgin and doesn’t want to let Brittany down. Stepmom comes through once again, telling Jay she’ll have sex with him and make sure he knows what he’s doing. She started by sucking Jay’s dick before she climbs on top and bounces on it.

The movie ends with Crystal telling Jay not only is his dick bigger than his Dad’s, but he is also better in bed and she would have never known he was a virgin.

Crystal commented, “Jay and I have such great chemistry. Filming this fun take on a classic story was a blast.”

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