Crystal Clark’s Latest Movie is ‘Stepmom Is Desperate To Get Pregnant’ @crystalclarkxo

Crystal Clark’s latest work of art is a five-part POV taboo impregnation series called ‘Stepmom Is Desperate To Get Pregnant!’ co-starring Oliver Faze and Eric Dikkersun.

Oliver comes home one day to find his stepmom Crystal being railed hard from behind by his dad Eric. The following week Eric sees Crystal walk out of the bathroom holding a pregnancy test and looking upset. He asks what the result was, and she says it was negative. He thought she and his dad had given up, but Eric wanted to keep trying even though his sperm count was low. She has some new supplements for Eric to take and they’ll try again. Oliver jokes that they should use a donor and it’s too bad his dad doesn’t have a brother so he would never find out, or a son who could take his place and Crystal laughs it off.

The next day Oliver returns home and hears his dad and stepmom fighting. Eric storms out of the house and Crystal greets him. After some prying, Crystal explains that her fertility doctor suggested they use a sperm donor. Since Eric refuses to use a donor, Crystal was wondering if Oliver would help. He immediately says yes, and Crystal tells him he needs to fill a specimen cup and sends him to his room. Oliver was struggling and came out asking Crystal to show her cleavage for some encouragement. She’s hesitant at first but goes through with it, and that lights a fire in Oliver, allowing him to fill the specimen cup right in front of her.

A week later, Crystal tells Oliver the specimen didn’t work and she wants him to try again. Oliver wanted some more motivation and asked his stepmom if she would help stroke his cock to fill the cup. Crystal agrees to give him a handy, and Oliver couldn’t last very long and fills the specimen cup. Later Crystal reveals she had another negative test and was upset. Oliver suggested that she really needed to drain his balls to get his strongest sperm and she could do that with her mouth. Oliver quickly filled her mouth, with Crystal accidentally swallowing the sperm. Upset, Crystal said they would try again in the future.

Crystal came to talk to Oliver and says she thinks he needs to cum directly inside of her. He agrees and fucks her, loving her tight grip. They were enjoying themselves when Eric came out, and Crystal jumped off Oliver just as he was filling her with his load, only to see it drip down her leg.

In the final part, Crystal wakes up Oliver and says she got another negative test, and they have to make love again. Crystal removed her pajamas, and Oliver was in awe of her in lingerie. They fucked and fucked, until Oliver shot the biggest load of his life into Crystal, to her delight. Oliver asks if they try every morning, to which Crystal happily says yes to.

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