.@crystalclarkxo Drops ‘Step Aunt Needs A Handyman’ Video

Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark’s latest film, “Step Aunt Needs A Handyman”. The movie, written and directed by Crystal and co-starring Jay Romero is available now on her platforms.

Jay’s been working for his father’s handyman company and one day his step-aunt, Crystal calls looking for help with a few things. Jay tells Crystal his dad was injured and unable to come over and he volunteers to help her.

Crystal expresses her excitement at Jay helping with the family business. The first project she has for Jay is to get her new TV working. Jay fixed it in a flash, and Crystal came in to try it out. While she’s playing with the remote, Jay feels tightness in his pants and starts to become aroused. He didn’t think anything of it until Crystal noticed. He apologized and said he gets very excited about fixing things. She offers to help Jay out since she needs him to focus on the rest of the repairs. She pulls out his cock and starts jerking him off. Crystal takes a stroll down memory lane while stroking Jay off. Before you know it, Jay’s ready to finish and grabs his handyman towel.

Next Crystal leads Jay to the kitchen so he can fix the sink. It was more difficult than Jay expected but he got it working properly. Crystal walks in and expresses her gratitude. Again, Jay feels his pants tighten as he’s excited seeing how happy she is. He tried to cover it up, but she noticed again. He apologizes but she assures him it’s ok, she understands how work boners occur, and his dad used to get them too. Jay offers to exit the room and relieve himself, but she says no, she’ll help him again. She yanks out his dick and drops to her knees, slobbering and savoring every thrust in her mouth before she swallows his load.

In the final part, Crystal asks Jay to look at her washer and dryer. Jay exclaims he loves working on laundry machines as Crystal laughs. Jay gets to work and has them working lickity split. Crystal sees the machines working and tells Jay he saved her a lot of money and is on his way to being a better repairman than his father. She offers to give him a big tip, but he tells her it won’t be necessary because she’s family. She insists because she wants to show him how appreciative she is. She knelt down and placed his penis in her mouth again, then removed It and bent over the washing machine asking Jay to stick his cock in her. After fucking in multiple positions, Jay pulls out and drenches his Step Aunt with an epic cum shot.

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