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.@CrystalClarkxo Releases ‘My Stepmom Has An Onlyfans!’

Crystal Clark

Creator Crystal Clark’s newest release co-stars Oliver Faze. The movie “My Stepmom Has An Onlyfans!” was written and directed by Crystal, and is perfect for fans of the taboo genre.

Oliver realizes his stepmom Crystal has been behaving bizarrely lately. He enters the kitchen and catches Crystal snapping some risqué photos while she makes breakfast. He asks what she’s doing and Crystal, looking guilty, says she was taking some photos for his dad and Oliver went on his way. The next day Oliver comes home early and catches Crystal sneaking out of the laundry room in lingerie. She says she was video chatting with his dad. Oliver’s not buying it and the thought of what she was doing lingers in her mind.

A week passes and Crystal keeps asking Oliver when and where he’ll be, when she never cared before. He comes home early from his college class and catches her in the living room with a ring light flashing her boobs and spreading her legs towards her phone. Oliver was completely flabbergasted to discover his stepmom was an Onlyfans model! He bursts into the living room taking Crystal by surprise. She admits to him that some girls from work told her she could make a lot of money entertaining men online and she needed the money to pay off a credit card bill.

Being the nobleman he is, Oliver said he didn’t want his stepmom showing her boobs to strangers and makes Crystal an offer. If she fucks him, he will pay off her credit card bill. At first, she was off put by his indecent proposal, but the more she thought about it, she realized it was a great opportunity for her.

It turns out Crystal hadn’t had sex with Oliver’s father in a long time, and she was in need of a good dicking down. They get down to the deed on the couch, and Oliver gifts her with a cream pie. Crystal loves it so much she asks if he’ll help her with more bills if she keeps fucking him, which Oliver agrees to.

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