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Ryan Driller

(Las Vegas, NV) – In her new release, writer, director, and performer Crystal shows that sometimes superheroes do naughty bad things in the parody “Superman Impregnates His Brother’s Wife!” Ryan Driller co-stars as Clark Kent/Superman, Macgee and FxxBuck guest star, and the original music was by Macgee and Shaundam.

Crystal provides a sexy spin on the superhero parody with a 60’s vibe. Clark is getting ready to leave his office and meet his brother and new sister-in-law for lunch, removing his shirt and revealing the iconic shield, before remembering she doesn’t know he’s Superman. He throws on a t-shirt and realizes he needs to meet them via civilian means, which leads to him ordering a ride share.

The driver rambles on the way and mentions how much Clark looks like Superman. He arrives and his brother introduces Clark to his wife Crystal for the first time. Crystal offers to give Clark a tour of the new home, while she tells his brother to make lunch. Clark obliges, and Crystal acts pretty flirty with him. Crystal asks for help moving a mattress and begins rubbing Clark’s penis. She asks if he’d like some help relieving himself before Clark strips down and Crystal delivers the best hand job of his life. She used his top to clean up, unaware of what it was, before offering to have it thrown in the wash for him.

In the second part, Clark and his brother catch up, and he reveals to Clark he doesn’t have powers anymore. Crystal storms in yelling at the brother asking why he hasn’t picked up her car from the shop. He leaves to go get it, and Crystal sits down with Clark handing him back his clothes and asking why he has a super suit. Crystal realizes he is Superman, and begins to rub his crotch again. Crystal removes his pants and deep throats his member. Clark fills her mouth with his super semen and she gets up and walks away like nothing happened.

In the finale, Clark’s brother returns and they put on their suits for old times’ sake. Clark notices how much smaller his brother is, and chalks it up to losing his powers. As they started to talk about Crystal, they heard her yelling because her dry cleaning was done and the brother had to go get it. Clark offers to fly there but Crystal declines.

Clark asks why Crystal is so mean to him, and she tells him all Kryptonian’s are animals and need to be tamed. Crystal shows Clark her Kryptonite necklace and says she wants him to impregnate her to create a hybrid baby capable of taking over the world. He agrees on the condition she gives his brother some of his powers back, and she agrees. They fuck on the chaise lounge with Crystal squirting on Superman before he finishes her off with a cream pie.

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