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Cytherea- 8 months pregnant?

Cytherea had posted a blog in April saying she was again pregnant.  Being four months along at that time would make her about eight months pregnant now.  I’m waiting to hear back from her right now to see how she is doing.

Four months pregnant in this pic?

THis is Cytherea’s blog from April-

wannted to say I am sorry for not being on my sight for so long, and not answering my mail.  I also wanted to tell all of you that I will be a mommy again! I am about 4 months along I will find out what the sex of the baby is here  very soon.  I will let all you all  know.  As wierd as this may sound having a baby keeps you very busy.  You wake up and the next thing you know you are looking in the mirror and realize it is night and you havent ever brushed your hair. LOL   I am going to be so busy when my other baby comes but I hope to move home and have some help from my mom.   I love being a mom, never knew what uncoditional love was about…now I do and have alot of respect for mothers.  I will  (I hope soon)  have a new web sight out there for all my fans to visit.  I do want to thank you for being loyal and know that life is life and I will be back soon.  I have not forgotten who got me where I was in the industry.  All my fans.  Take care you all and I will talk to you soon.

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