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Cytherea Coming Back, Thanks Fans for Money

(Cytherea & Ron at the AVN Convention 09)

Exciting News about my “ComeBack”!!!

by Cytherea

To all my Wonderful Fans!

     Well this has been a long time coming!!! On Dec, 30th I’m going to be having my breast augmentation, & tummy tuck done.  You have no idea how grateful and excited I am.   I just wanted to send out a heart felt thank you, to all my fans who have donated to my fundraiser.  Whether it was a small or large donation, every single one of you has helped make my comeback a possibility. So this blog is dedicated to you guys and gals. 

     I know that some of my fans are concerned with how this will affect my image, making me the stereotypical porn star.  Trust me, it won’t.  I have put much thought into this decision, and it is very important to me that I look and feel my best when I am in front of the camera.  FYI I will be getting a small D cup not with saline, or silicone, but with the top of the line memory foam material that conforms to my body’s shape making it look and feel very natural. 

       As for my recovery,  it will take about a month to be functional, 4 to 6 months to completely heal.  So, I can get back in the saddle and make movies again!!!  So be on the look out in 2010!  I know my loyal fans will be there for me when I start up my Career again.  Just remember when it “Cums” to being Cytherea I am very passionate about this and you will see this on all my movies, character, knowledge and my gratefulness to understand the importance of life and the gift of my family. I now appreciate all the individuals that stuck by me through it all…. not ” the end”  just a new chapter.

Love Cytherea XXXOOOXXX

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