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Cytherea Returns- EXCLUSIVE On Set with Greg Chapman

On The Set with Greg Chapman

 Cytherea Returns

  So I awoke in the early morning, which is a rarity for me, to be on set for day 2 of the Smash Pictures’ Secretary’s Day 5 shoot.  Jim Powers was going to be shooting Cytherea’s first scene since her retirement in 2006. Hence a good reason to rise and shine to see the return of a squirt legend.  I went to the set with Floyd, skilled photographer who works with Powers, and also happens to be my good friend from college back in the day in Jersey. That’s a story for another time.
  The set turns out to be an office of some broker who rents it out unbeknownst to his employees who will have no clue that  porno starlets were photocopying pussies or Cytherea squirted all over the desk, the walls, ceiling, you name it, you better duck.  This would prove to be no truer words written from what I witnessed during the b/g/g scene with Cytherea, Lylith Lavey and Bill Bailey.

  Cytherea really looked great and my inner pervert was pleased to hear she was proud to have picked out her corset especially for the flick. From the bits of the bts interview I heard she had performed from 2003-2006, got her life together after she quit, and eventually started a family.  It was strange to think she’d been gone that long. Turns out in retrospect that mid–aughties era featured a great generation of gonzo performers.
   Her co- fuckers for the scene were cumslinger Bill Bailey and big titty blonde Lylith Lavey. Lylith has some notoriety for having dated Stanton Lavey (son of Anton Lavey).  Didn’t press her much on the occult topic but she quickly proved she knew her stuff. Bill Bailey was one cool customer who fucked these bitches silly.

   While the sex was being shot I was trying to stay out of the way in the other office where the pretty girls pix were taken in. Until I hear Cytherea cumming, screaming, then spraying, I presumed, several times. After about the 4th gusher, I decided to peek in to see Jim Power’s get his shirt by splattered by a spritz that hit the ceiling. This squirtfest went on for a long time. I lost count of all the squirts. Sometimes she had to stop because of the intensity of her orgasmic geysers since it seemed like her pussy was popping like champagne bottles. Eventually, they took a break, did some stills, started fucking again, and they kept on fucking, Cytherea kept on squirting. It was an unforgettable return performance, definitely not to be missed when Secretary’s Day 5 is released in July.

pix courtesy of Smash Pictures

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