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Cytherea Update

Luke: Is “fetish model” a way of saying someone is not pretty enough to be a regular model. They have to put up with being tortured to get modeling work?
HollyRandall: No, it’s someone who has an edgy look and is perhaps into the fetish lifestyle– so they are comfortable with bondage, spanking, etc
Luke: what percentage of men you meet are threatened by your work?
Luke: I wish it couldn’t be like that. I wish a guy could say, ‘My girlfriend directs porn. That’s great. As a female, she’s trying to bring something to a male-dominated world. It’d be nice if they could see it as some kind of social benefit.’
HollyRandall: the only issue any guy i’ve dated has had, is that they are worried that i’m a size queen b/c of the men i work with and they worry about me being hit on
HollyRandall: but i don’t date close-minded men
HollyRandall: or at least i don’t date them for long
HollyRandall: can i ask you a serious question?
HollyRandall: are you off your meds? or has news just been slow recently?
HollyRandall: I have some news for you and it’s positive which i know doesn’t interest you
HollyRandall: Cytherea called my mother. She gave birth a few weeks ago, and she’s got a healthy, happy baby. Her husband got a job, and they have their own place now. She loves being a mother, and she was so grateful to have gotten out of Los Angeles. Apparently it was quite an emotional phone call, and she thanked Suze (and everyone who donated towards her move) for helping her get back to Utah. She said she’s even given up smoking cigarettes.
Luke: together we can make a better world
HollyRandall: it’s a shame that those words are dripping in sarcasm

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