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Cytherea’s Ex-Husband Returns — To Jail reports:

Brian ‘Plus One’, otherwise known as Cythereas Ex-Husband, is back in town. He’s clean and sober, lost about 70 pounds, driving a brand new 2007 BMW 525 and has 2 18 year old newbiew on his arm. Both chicks looking to get into the business. Everyone wrote Brian off, but he’s back, looking better than ever!!!

Brian was picked up at noon today on outstanding warrants. What is his real name? Once I get that, I can find out the charges.

Gene Ross reports:

Among his various exploits in recent months, Brian apparently caught a possession, meth amphetamine case. Right off, this would tell you that he’s not as clean and sober as he’d like you to believe. It was also about this time that Brian contacted home owner and asked if he could let him stay at his house just for a little awhile because he had no place to go. This was in the beginning of June.

Home owner told him, sure, he’s not there that much. And Brian was pretty much given the run of the house. Bad idea. It was sometime during this period that home owner got a call from someone in the business saying that Brian had offered to sell him a Sony FX-1 camera. Except the person buying the camera was at the home owner’s house looking at it.

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