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Cytherea’s Story

Holly Randall ([email protected]) emails:

Hey Luke,

I’ve got a story for you… Cytherea, who as you know is pregnant, was about to be evicted from her apartment at 8 months pregnant. My mom heard about this, and in surefire “Super Suze” mode, decided she had to do something about it. In order to send Cytherea back to her mother’s house in Salt Lake City, she’s shelled out $1780 for a Uhaul truck and gas, plus movers. She’s so far spent 2 days of her time organizing Cytherea’s trip as well as getting her stuff packed and her numerous dogs adopted. (On that note, if anyone is interested in minature pinscher/dachshund puppies, they are about a week old and will be up for adoption at Agoura Animal Shelter once they are old enough.) So far, Suze has been promised over $1,000 in contributions from Ginger Lynn, Ron Jeremy, Michael Ninn, Larry Flynt, Teresa Flynt, Patrick Collins and Paul Fishbein. For those who are wondering, yes Suze did drug test Cytherea, and Cytherea did come up clean.

I realize that this story will probably meet with some ridicule and jokes at Cytherea’s expense, but it does raise the interesting question as to why this industry doesn’t “take care of it’s own”. In 2005, Cytherea was celebrated at the AVN awards as “Best New Starlet”, her performance in scenes coveted by all, but her drug problem took her out, and fast– I think we all know this. A year ago, I might have ridiculed her myself, but since my personal struggle with addiction, I’m less inclined to be so judgemental. Are we such a shame-based industry that our self-esteem is so low that we can hardly help ourselves, much less others? I’m not pretending to have answers to this, but it is a good subject for my next Xbiz article.

Conky writes on XPT:

I’m disappointed that Holly didn’t choose to break this news herself in the Cage. Perhaps she still has pangs for Luke. Maybe that snap of his sweaty, red face looming into the camera recently stirred something within her?


The piece begs several questions:

1. If Cytherea’s clean, where did all her cash go?
2. Who’s the daddy?
3. Did Suze do a urine test, and have they pumped the studio dry yet?
4. 850 bucks is Cytherea’s worth to the industry. The former AVN Best New Starlet? Funny. Maybe AVN should throw more green in.

Or maybe Cytherea has a secret, undiagnosed cancer…….

Holly responds: “The father is Cytherea’s new boyfriend– I’ve never met him, nor do I know anything about him. I do know that he is going with her to Salt Lake. …Any amount over what it takes to get Cytherea back to her mother’s will be put into a small fund we are pooling to help them with some initial bill payments. And just to avoid any doubt, Suze will use the money to pay the bills directly, as opposed to simply giving them the cash. Is all this going to put Cytherea on the right (and sober) track to a better life? I don’t know, but for the sake of the unborn child, we had to at least give them some kind of fighting chance.”

Chuck Spears writes: “I commend Suze’s charity and caring, BUT I’d like to see the industry come together as a community, but where do you draw the line? Is it the industry’s fault that Cytherea blew her earnings, rented (not even bought) an expensive crib and supported her mooch boyfriend? Where was the industry when she was on drugs? Thats right. They were sitting right next to her on a bong stained carpet holding the lighter under her pipe. So does help start after the industry harms or before, that is, if one blames the industry and not the individual’s own choices. Just a nigga’s $.02. That’s all.”

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