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D Cypher on CNN, in Time and Mac Mag


K.J. Mathews from CNN Entertainment interviewed Sin City Publicist Devan Cypher last Friday for a CNN Newsroom special report on the adult entertainment industry. The interview airs on Friday July 11th. Some of the topics discussed included the current state of the industry, mainstream crew people who moonlight in the adult entertainment industry during strikes, and where porn is headed.

“I think the interview went well,” Devan says. “She was polite, inquisitive, and professional throughout the taping. K.J.’s questions were earnest and not scripted. We are all looking forward to seeing how the final cut turns out.”

In addition to CNN, Devan Cypher and his PR company Rising Star PR ( have recently been featured in both Time Magazine and Mac Life in articles regarding the new iPhone and its porn-friendly capabilities.

Devan, I just hope that the CNN thing comes out well. From experience we all know that when the networks get ahold of the adult industry 90% of the time the results are bad. I hope you are in the good 10%

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